Welcome to the Close Partners/3Com Strategic Partnering Initiative.

You will surely all recognise 3Com as the global supplier of innovative, reliable networking technology.

But you might not yet realise that 3Com is on a fast track to confirm its rightful place as a valued supplier for large-scale, enterprise-wide networking solutions.

It might also be news to you that 3Com is investing heavily in an industry-focused marketing strategy around Government, Healthcare, Financial Services and Education.

"We are taking a very positive stance on 3Com's renewed efforts in the enterprise."

Joel Conover, Current Analysis

The analysts have certainly got the message already.

And, as part of this Enterprise strategy, 3Com is now looking to build strategic alliances with a group of international Systems Integrators (SIs).

Close Partners is delighted to be working with 3Com as part of this initiative.

Its ultimate objective is to identify and develop relationships with SIs whose business goals and strategies align with 3Com's - and with whom 3Com can create new services and solutions for the Enterprise market.

Right now, Close Partners' most important function as part of the initiative is to listen and analyse.


"3Com is well on its way back into the enterprise data centers."

Zeus Kerravala, Yankee Group
Within its traditional channels, 3Com is rated the most effective and partner-friendly of all vendors. 3Com is determined to establish the same quality reputation within the multi-national SI community.

And that means respecting the diversity of partnering cultures, business models and commercial relationships that pervade this community.

Within a few months, we want to see 3Com in high-growth partnerships with a small group of SIs - and visibly establishing the 'vendor of choice' positioning for large-scale networking projects throughout its international territories.

It is Close Partners' belief that the best partnerships in this context are 'special relationships' - defined through a process of individual consultation.

We look forward to your participation.


Close Partners is a pan-European provider of business development solutions to the IT industry. We are delighted to be leveraging our partnering/route-to-market expertise for the world's most famous networking hardware vendor.

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