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Close Partners provides compelling business development solutions throughout Europe. Currently, we are covering the whole of the European market out of Business Development Centres (BDCs) in the UK and Belgium - working with additional associates as required.

Each BDC is home to the energy, the inspiration, the know-how, the systems and the methodologies required to get your products to market. Each BDC can act as a flexible extension to your organisation - and give you low risk, multi-faceted, cost-effective solutions to your most pressing business development challenges.

  • It might be that your #1 priority is to accelerate customer acquisition in your home market.
  • It might be that you are established in your home market, but need to start entering new European territories for the first time.
  • It might be that you are already trading in multiple territories - but your model no longer seems scalable - and you need to find new routes-to-market.
  • It might be that you're very well established across Europe - but you've got real profitability problems in some of your subsidiary operations.

Whatever the challenge, you should try getting closer to Close Partners.

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