Welcome to the Close Partners / Jenzabar UK Discovery Program

Jenzabar (www.jenzabar.com) is an international thought leader in the application of technology in the field of Higher Education (HE). More than 20% of North American based HE establishments continue to trust Jenzabar's innovations to drive both quality and productivity.

This UK Discovery Program' represents the company's first steps towards establishing a presence in Europe. It centres on the remarkable success of Jenzabar's Internet Campus Solution

Jenzabar's Internet Campus Solution

Over 40 North American HE institutions are already using Jenzabar's Internet Campus Solution

  • to re-invent themselves as integrated on-line communities
  • to improve significantly the experience of all their stakeholders
  • to reduce costs and increase productivity of all faculty and administrative operations.

And, because Internet Campus Solution is built around the very best, contemporary portal technology, it's allowing full re-use of all existing systems. And that means the return on investment is outstanding.

UK Discovery Program

  • How aware are UK HE establishments of Portal strategies -and what they can deliver?
  • Are they already seen as the future paradigm of service delivery and productivity in the UK?
  • What are the drivers and blockages to investment and deployments in this important new field?
  • Which stakeholder group will lead the way?

We hope you can help us find the answers

We're looking to engage with a small group of senior HE representatives - from a broad range of functional perspectives - who can help us find the answers. In return, we will show you how, in the US, Jenzabar's Internet Campus Solutions are being warmly embraced - and helping HE to deliver so much more - for so much less.

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