Close Partners recruits Cambridge Online Systems Limited as Softship's UK Business Partner

" Cambridge Online Systems Limited (COSL) was approached by Close Partners in November 2001 on behalf of their client Softship with a partnering opportunity. Vendors wanting us to represent their products and services approach our company frequently, and very few get past the first call. We were impressed by Close Partners' professional and business like approach, the clarity of the business opportunity and value proposition. This led to an efficient recruitment process and by mid-January 2002, we had a business plan and agreement in place with Softship.

Close Partners guided us through the business planning process and helped us to create and customise our business plan. They also worked through the terms and conditions of the business partner agreement and made every effort to understand and resolve any issues we encountered.

Once the agreement was signed, Close Partners helped us with the induction process by organising sales and technical training and by consulting with us on how best to approach existing and new customers. These actions helped COSL to start generating revenue more quickly than we had expected.

Close Partners proved to be an excellent intermediary for their client and us. For COSL, it was a new but worthwhile experience to be working with Partner Development Specialists like Close Partners. Every step of the process was dealt with quickly, effectively and competently.

We look forward to being approached again by Close Partners with further business opportunities. "

Blaine Peakall, Managing Director, Cambridge Online Systems Limited.

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