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Close Business Partnerships

Close Business Partnerships provide enterprise-class software vendors with a fresh and compelling alternative approach to business development in both home and international markets.

  • We provide a complete, outsourced business development solution - in which we act as your 'virtual subsidiary'
  • We flex our high quality, multi-skilled resources to deliver against all the strategic and tactical demands of your business development objectives
  • We will drive the complete 'customer acquisition' process - from route-to-market design, through lead generation, partner recruitment and management - to qualified closing opportunities in line with the agreed business plan.
  • And while we're delivering, you're avoiding all the costs and risks - of recruiting, integrating, retaining and managing your own business development organisation
  • And we do it all for a fixed quarterly charge - plus performance bonuses against the achievement of agreed objectives - at levels that will deliver a dramatically better return on investment than any traditional DIY insourced approach.

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